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Will My Business Pay for My Retirement© Calculator

Getting a business valuation by itself is of little value unless you can make use of the valuation information to determine if a business sale will get you to where you want to be. The Will My Business Pay for My Retirement Calculator© is designed so you can make that determination. Use of our exclusive calculator is a valuable tool for determining where you are in relation to your goals and actions you might have to take to achieve your goals. The information you enter is confidential. We will not see it, and it will not be saved.

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Historical Financial Information
Owner Compensation Adjustment Calculation
Year (Fiscal Year from Tax Return or Financial Statements Most Recent One Year Ago Two Years Ago
W-2 Compensation (Salary/Bonus)
Profit Distribution (Used for Compensation)*
Perks and Benefits**
Cost to Replace Owner Function***

*If you distribute funds via a K-1, only use that portion which contributes to your lifestyle, not any amounts used to pay taxes for corporate income.
**This includes any special retirement or deferred compensation and expenses paid by the business that you would pay personally if the business was sold.
***The true amount you would pay another person or people if you had to hire people to do the work you do for the business

Cash Flow Calculation
Income Before Taxes
Balance Sheet Adjustments to Estimated Value
(Use information from most recent financial statement only)
Interest Bearing Debt (bank line of credit, term loan, etc.)    
Post-Ownership Income Estimate
The Annual Cost of Your Lifestyle*    
Your Personal Income Tax Rate %  
Tax Assumptions
The Rate of Return You Can Get From Investing Your Money %  
What Will Be The Tax Rate On The Proceeds From Selling Your Business %  
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