About Us

About the Podolny Group

thumb_pa080301_1024The Podolny Group was formed in 1994 with a simple but powerful goal of helping business owners to achieve outcomes that made all the effort and risk of business ownership worthwhile. It does this with a very logical approach that the most complete evaluation prior to developing a plan and a commitment to creating doable plans that can be successfully implemented.

Our client engagements follow this process:

  • Understand and define the outcomes that owners want clearly distinguishing between outcomes that serve owners as people versus outcomes that relate to the business as an entity unto itself
  • Evaluate the business in the light of its capabilities to achieve the outcomes defined
  • Identify the realistic pathways the business might take to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Identify the actions and changes that might need to be made within the business and/or by the owners
  • Highlight the conflicts that exist between potential outcomes and/or the paths for achieving those outcomes
  • Facilitate reconciling those conflicts so there is a solid, committed to consensus on the outcome to be sought and the path for achieving it
  • Build out a detailed initial plan and institute an on-going change management process
  • Help guide the owner over the time period necessary to ensure execution of the plan, adjustment of the plan as necessary, and the ultimate achievement of the outcome sought.