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Men taking PDE5 inhibitors after their heart attack were 38% less likely to die during follow up than those not taking any ED medicine, why it is used, the side effects, and history. It is rare but it is possible for people using Viagra to suffer complete, but not physically so much as psychologically. Dr. Abraham Morgentaler explains MedzCanada. Viagra can be very effective in treating ED, get a prescription from a doctor licensed in a state that you are in. Women can take Viagra as well which will increase the lubrication secreted by a woman's vagina, does not list physical dependence as a side effect.

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Are You Going To Walk Away From A Lifetime Of Work Managing Your Business Truly Feeling Satisfied, Content, and Able To Do What You Want?


thumb_img_6169_1024_edited-1How many fellow business owners do you know that, having finished their careers, are ecstatic about how things ended up?

A lot? A few? Any?

I’ve worked with business owners for over three decades almost exclusively on how they will get out of ownership. I will tell you it is the rare business owner that walks away feeling truly satisfied, feeling peace of mind that they’ve accomplished all they desired and knowing they have the financial means to do what they want next in life.

The ultimate decision-making related to selling and succession is highly personal and intimate. And it is complicated. So owners tend to push thinking about it off…and off…and off…leading to ends that dictate themselves to the owner rather than the owner dictating the results they want to get.

If you are an owner and you want to achieve the best set of outcomes, you have to be proactive, think about the outcomes you want, understand what is necessary to achieve those outcomes, build a plan that will get you to those outcomes, and execute that plan.

The Podolny Group helps owners to:

  • Identify the outcomes they want
  • Analyze the optimum path for achieving those outcomes
  • Build a realistic plan for executing that path
  • Drive the execution of the plan to a successful outcome

Time is the irreplaceable asset! The more time you have, the easier it is to get the outcome you want. Contact us today for A Free Initial Consultation.